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Bacon is the Hershey’s of Meat Candy

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on February 15, 2009 by Donna Arriaga

Yes sirree.  There’s no denying it.  Bacon is the candy of all meats.  So say we all!

At, you can find a whole page devoted to “bacon-meat-candy”.  Better yet, the Bacon Freak Club has a line of “Bacon is Meat Candy” t-shirts, hats, tanks and other greasy apparel.

This is all good and well.  But when it comes down to it,

bacon is the Hershey’s of “Meat Candy”.

Let’s face it.  Bacon — like Hershey’s — is one of those good ‘ol reliable staples that can manage to pull you through the next craving.  You go to the market, drop it into your cart (bacon that is — not the chocolate) and think about how well it will go with that burger, or maybe next to a stack of pancakes and eggs.  (If you’re really inspired, you’ll think about how it will add rich depth to your next Puttanesca Sauce.)

But let’s face it.  Sometimes (okay, most of the time),
Hershey’s just ain’t good enough.

Sometimes, you need a real chocolate to satisfy the craving.  Something deep, dark… a luscious 75% Ecuadorian cocoa, or perhaps a spicy blend of chilies and cocoa nibs to tantalize the palate.

…and sometimes,
Bacon just ain’t good enough.

Sometimes, you need a more complex flavor to tantalize the palate.  In these cases, I recommend a time-stopping indulgence in the sweet, salty flavors of a mouth-watering Spanish Serrano or Italian Prosciutto.  And no, pork does not necessarily claim all of the top-shelf real-estate when it comes to meat candy indulgences.  Enter: Bresaola.  Trust me.  You’ve gotta try it.

A Prost to the dandiest of all meat candies:
Serrano, Prosciutto, Bresaola.