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Smokin! On my stove top.

Posted in Portland with tags , , , , , on October 18, 2009 by Donna Arriaga

A friend of mine recently left me a FB message with a tantalizing insight into his diner menu… tea-rubbed tenderloin, beer potatoes, and spinach salad.  (Thanks, Evan, for the mouth-watering visions that danced across my palate!)

Anyway, it was his tea-rubbed tenderloin that got me thinking about all the wonderful options for using tea as a flavoring agent.  Its been years since I’ve played around with tea-smoked duck.  And, since Evan’s message, I’ve had a killer craving for a tasty tea-smoked fish.  But it’s October. And, it’s Portland.  So, unless I’m prepared to crouch outside next to my portable grill with an umbrella, I’ll need a back-up plan for smoking.

Now, I could go out and spend 40 – 50 bucks on a brand new stove top smoker.  But why would I do that when I’ve already got a wok?

Jill Santopietro blogged about transforming an everyday wok into a stove top smoker.  She’s also posted a helpful video demonstrating easy to follow steps for stove top smoked ribs.

The Kitchen Butterfly blog offers Four quick facts about Tea-smoking

  1. It is a Chinese Technique, also known as wok-smoking
  2. You don’t need a BBQ…you can do it perfectly on the stove-top
  3. Traditionally, the ’smoke’ is created by mixing raw rice, sugar, Jasmine tea leaves and Star Anise and heating it up till smoking
  4. It could result in a very smoky kitchen so ensure all windows are wide open and your extractor is on!

Mmmm! Let the smoking begin!

Fun With Pork

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on October 3, 2009 by Donna Arriaga

The title says it all… it’s a zany video all about fun with pork.

Well, that is, it says almost everything.  It doesn’t prepare you for the pork-loving bunny bouncing around to the sprightly sounds of  7 Seconds of Love (their ska band) .  In this animation, the bacons have eyeballs and the Pork Monster is hilariously disturbing.