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Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Posted in Portland with tags , , , , , , on November 1, 2009 by Donna Arriaga

PB&J = simplicity, no refrigeration needed, cheap, and just down right yumminess.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

This, we already know.  And most of us already know how to assemble a PB&J.  BUT… just in case there’s any confusion, you can rest assured because eHow has saved the day with a PB&J How-To video.

<Really?  REALLY???>

And, after you’ve mastered the art of PB&J, you might be ready for broad, new territory.  Unleash those unstoppable PB&J Master Jedi skills and delve into a whole new realm of peanut butter and jelly – well, mostly peanut butter.

  • Grilled Peanut Butter, Jelly and Banana
  • Fluffernutter — Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Fluff
  • Peanut Butter & Mayonnaise [and Shrimp!] — Yup. According to, “The Southern Housekeeper listed recipes for Peanut Sandwiches, using ‘roasted peanuts chopped up into a fine paste and well mixed with mayonnaise or thick cream.’  In 1968, Ladies Home Journal offered fearless eaters a recipe for a Siamese Sandwich, which combined peanut butter with mayonnaise, shrimp, raisins, apple, celery, onion, powdered ginger and lime or lemon rind.”
  • Asian Curry Spice Peanut Butter, Pickles, Coconut & Potato Chips — This concoction was whipped up by B.P. Loco and is appropriately called  The Wacko.
  • Organic Peanut Butter & Thick-Cut Bacon — At Portland’s own Peanut Butter Ellies, you can order up your very own PB&Bacon.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The Build Your Own option offers a wild array of toppings for your peanut butter cravings ranging from banana and gummy worms to guacamole and BBQ sauce.  (The cafe closed, but adventurous PDX’ers can still order their wild sandwiches to-go.)

And, while creating your masterpiece sandwich, rock out to…

…a good meme dies hard.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Posted in Portland with tags , , on April 27, 2009 by Donna Arriaga

Ooooh yeah.  Chocolate and bacon… a couple of my favorite things.

But together?!?

Admittedly, a teeny bit of doubt crept through my mind before taking that first brave bite.  But once those sweet, salty flavors hit my tongue, intrigue took over.  Immediately following sweet and salty comes a smooth smoky flavor that pairs deliciously with bitter sweet chocolate.

Overall, pretty damn good.  The only improvement I’d like to see is a bit of toasted ancho chillies infused into that chocolate.  Mmmm… I can already taste it.  The rich earthiness of toasted anchos highlighting those smoky flavors. Yeah. Then comes the heat.

Bacon is the Hershey’s of Meat Candy

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on February 15, 2009 by Donna Arriaga

Yes sirree.  There’s no denying it.  Bacon is the candy of all meats.  So say we all!

At, you can find a whole page devoted to “bacon-meat-candy”.  Better yet, the Bacon Freak Club has a line of “Bacon is Meat Candy” t-shirts, hats, tanks and other greasy apparel.

This is all good and well.  But when it comes down to it,

bacon is the Hershey’s of “Meat Candy”.

Let’s face it.  Bacon — like Hershey’s — is one of those good ‘ol reliable staples that can manage to pull you through the next craving.  You go to the market, drop it into your cart (bacon that is — not the chocolate) and think about how well it will go with that burger, or maybe next to a stack of pancakes and eggs.  (If you’re really inspired, you’ll think about how it will add rich depth to your next Puttanesca Sauce.)

But let’s face it.  Sometimes (okay, most of the time),
Hershey’s just ain’t good enough.

Sometimes, you need a real chocolate to satisfy the craving.  Something deep, dark… a luscious 75% Ecuadorian cocoa, or perhaps a spicy blend of chilies and cocoa nibs to tantalize the palate.

…and sometimes,
Bacon just ain’t good enough.

Sometimes, you need a more complex flavor to tantalize the palate.  In these cases, I recommend a time-stopping indulgence in the sweet, salty flavors of a mouth-watering Spanish Serrano or Italian Prosciutto.  And no, pork does not necessarily claim all of the top-shelf real-estate when it comes to meat candy indulgences.  Enter: Bresaola.  Trust me.  You’ve gotta try it.

A Prost to the dandiest of all meat candies:
Serrano, Prosciutto, Bresaola.

I wouldn’t hate on her if she smelled like fried food

Posted in Portland with tags , , , on January 7, 2009 by Donna Arriaga

…that’s what @wwwdotjenna Tweeted back in January of ’08, and it’s been lodged in my mind ever since.

It’s got me thinking about the wide world of fried food.  Not just your run-of-the-mill French fries, but golden foods that stretch the mind’s imagination (or repulsion).

On the one hand, we’ve got the lowbrow side of fried with French-Fry Coated Bacon on a Stick…  mmmm. bacon.

French-Fry Coated Bacon on a Stick

And on the other hand is the highbrow side of fried…

…with Emeril Lagasse’s Fried Duck Confit with Blueberry Sauce.

I admit, the “Blueberry Sauce” portion of this menu item doesn’t sound all that enticing… at first.  But with a closer look, you see that this sauce calls for a lavish, mouthwatering duck stock reduction spiked with the sweet richness of port.  Port is the bridge here.  It’s combination of deep, earthy flavors and rich sweetness helps to ease blueberries into the savory spectrum (and away from all those images of pies and muffins I’m sure you were picturing).

But I’m a realist.  Despite the fact that I can’t stop my mouth from watering over the mere thought of fried duck, I willingly admit that my chances of eating French-Fry Coated Bacon on a Stick are — sadly — much greater than those of savoring Fried Duck Confit with Blueberry Sauce.

Emeril’s recipe points out that cooking time alone is about 10 hours for that dish! And that doesn’t include prep time.  Oh right. And if I was seriously inclined to prepare this recipe, I would need to round up two whole duck carcases just for the stock reduction.  Last time I checked, duck ‘aint cheap.

I’ve got a craving. I checked prices on whole duck a couple weeks ago. Needless to say, I brought home chicken.