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The Wonder of Bread

Posted in Portland with tags , on March 25, 2008 by Donna Arriaga

See any similarities?

Under most circumstances, I would say absolutely not! (except for sponge starters, of course) Well, unfortunately, at lunch yesterday my salad was accompanied by a dinner roll that was so dried up I could’ve sworn I’d just bitten into a hunk of scratchy sponge. But who cares, right? So, just don’t get the nasty dinner roll with lunch next time.

The thing about this dinner roll that causes so much wonderment is where it came from. I bought the little moisture thief from the New Seasons Deli in Raleigh Hills. Yup. That place with the amazing bakery that makes so many perfect loaves of bread. Ah, yes. The wheat nut is my favorite.

But I digress. How can New Seasons (aka The Friendliest Store) manage to make so many fine artisan breads…

while their deli dinner rolls are so terribly dried out!??!

Such is the wonder and amazement of bread… and New Seasons.