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Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Posted in Portland with tags , , , on January 17, 2010 by Donna Arriaga

Alright, so the Space Room Lounge isn’t at the end of the Universe, but the ambiance of this Portland classic still manages to pack a pretty unique punch.

The first out-of-this-world visual to greet you is a massive, brushed metal UFO perched just above the brunch counter. Another wall is adorned with overly sized alien prints.

Space Room Lounge

But wait, that’s not it… Every table at the Space Room Lounge sports its own scifi-themed decoupage tabletop.  Table themes range from full-on Trek, to Star Wars, to pulp scifi, to a large center table covered with newspaper clippings of UFO sightings.

Paul and I had the distinct pleasure of sitting at the pulp scifi table.


The only thing that could improve upon this spectacular atmosphere is their choice of programs airing on four big-screen TV’s.  While we were dining, a football game was airing in the background.  I’ve gotta say… It was the one inconsistency in this otherwise spot-on Space Lounge.

My recommendation: Keep those tellies glued to the SyFy channel.  Or better yet — much better — run back-to-back classic scifi flicks.

So clearly, I was much taken in by the look and feel of this lounge. But what about the food… Right???

Well, their Space Menu consists of Out of this World Entrées and All-Day Breakfast plates as well as Extraterrestrial Appetizers and Fresh from the Starship Deli items.

Paul ordered the Ciabatta Chicken Burger — chicken breast, onion, tomato, lettuce, Havarti, and pesto sauce.  He gives this burger a 3.5 out of 5 intergalactic stars.

I ordered the Chicken Pannini — chicken, sun dried tomatoes, cheese, and pesto on grilled ciabatta bread. I give this sandwich a 3 out of 5 intergalactic stars.  With that said, a couple strips of bacon and ciabatta bread that was actually grilled is all it would take for a full 5 stars.  (The bread tasted as though it was lightly toasted on a griddle.)

The fries, on the other hand, were truly out of this world! The battered French fries were served up golden and wonderfully crispy.

Mint Satisfies My Craving

Posted in Portland with tags , , on March 18, 2008 by Donna Arriaga

I had a wonderful dinner this evening at the Mint in northeast Portland. With a carnivorous craving for a bit of spice, I found the grilled chili rubbed chicken breast to be exactly what I needed. The breast was grilled skin-on and was cooked to perfection. All too often, a large grilled chicken breast is either so over cooked that it is something shy of dried leather OR, the inside is just plain raw. Tonight’s chicken, on the other hand, was moist, juicy, and flavorful.

Served with the grilled chicken was a Romesco sauce, goat cheese corn bread, and cole slaw. The Romesco sauce was a bit too acidic for my liking; however, when eaten with the goat cheese corn bread, the two were a scrumptious match. And the cole slaw. Well, initially, when reading the menu item my mind simply grazed over it. I merely though it would provide a cool balance to the chili rubbed chicken and didn’t really think much more of it.

As it turns out, the slaw had a terrific punch of heat, and the extra-long shaved cabbage and julienned carrots made the act of eating slaw a unique experience in and of itself — you could actually twirly the spicy slaw about your fork as one might do with a mound of spaghetti. Very nice touch.

Ah yes… and to top it all off, I enjoyed a tasty “O” — the Mint’s house Mojito made with orange rum. Very good.