Me yO My Oh Mayo!

You say “Mayo”
I say “Seafood”

You say, “What?! ¿You out of your F*%#ing mind?!”

Then you remember all those tuna fish sandwiches you had when you were a kid. Those sandwiches that no one dared bring to school unless the sammich was shoved into a lunch box along with a couple of ice packs. But come on… we both know there were those kids who approached the lunchroom table with a brown paper bag full of soggy bread, tuna fish and lukewarm mayo. ugggg.

Welcome to today, my friend. Because today you can wrap your paws around a fist full of room temperature mayo and seafood with out the slight annoyance of, oh, bacterial food poisoning.

Enter… Thai Seafood Mayo Potato Chips (found in Hua Hin, Thailand)

Lays -- Seafood Mayo



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