Mayo: 1,000 and 1 ways we Love it!

Okay, so 5 ways we love it:

  1. Slathered all over high-carb goodness. Mayo makes any sandwich complete. (Unless, of course, you prefer smashed potato chips shoved into your sandwich. In which case, add them if you must, but I advise using a triple dose of mayo. Think mortar.)
  2. We even love it warm. We slather that thick lusciousness all over char-hot burgers. With one bite, warm, gooey, egg and oil based goodness slides all the way down to the depths of your gut. (Got a craving for a big, hot, messy burger in PDX? Go check out the Monty burger @ Monty’s Tavern. Warning: bring Wet Ones. Better yet, just shower afterwards.)
  3. We love that Mayo + Macaroni = Salad. No leafy greens needed. In fact, no vegetables required at all. Ah, but you want color you say… The white creamy mayo and elbow macaroni just don’t have that certain visual appeal? Solution: add one handful of frozen peas. Voilà.
  4. Mayo + (more) Eggs = Salad. Egg salad deconstructed: egg yolks, lots of oil, more eggs, a few crunchy things (usually celery), and a bit of dill and/or chives if you’re feeling creative. If you’re Martha Stewart, your egg salad recipe will include Madras curry powder and radiccio or arugula.
  5. Mayo makes for very disgusting eating contests. Warning: it does get pretty bad. Don’t even think about pressing play if you’re the queasy type.


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