Sometimes I really hate being a food snob

I looked over at it.  A luscious serving of rich, chocolate goodness.

Instantly, my mind registered Chocolate Mousse. One of my favorites. My mouth began to salivate as I could feel the velvety, whipped cream over my tongue.  The tangy, bittersweetness of dark cocoa was balanced with just the right amount of not-too-much sugar and a splash of vanilla.

Yes. I could taste it all. And I wanted it now.

Well, I reached over. Grabbed myself a serving and plunged in the ‘ol spoon. I took one bite and my food fantasy was immediately crushed by a concoction of sad impostors…

Instead of luscious chocolate mousse, the brown stuff that was sitting on my tongue had the distinct aftertaste of instant pudding… that dull, sort-of chocholate flavoring.  And the texture was anything but velvety.  Instead, the gummy texture was most likely attributable to modified food starch, or one of its many wicked step sisters… cellulose gel, carrageenan, etc.  And the fluff? Probably Cool Whip.


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