FREE -> 100% Fresh Organic Herbs! All except for the occasional splash of bum urine

…urine which very well may be tainted with a number of non-organic substances.

Yup. That’s the thought that interrupted my otherwise sweet stream of consciousness as I wondered past patch after patch of fresh herbs growing in South East Portland. Oh, I know. Someone planted them there. In which case, I should keep my grubby, curious little paws off them.

Okay fine.

But there are still countless patches of herbs growing “wild”, shall I say? …Patches existing outside the realm of front-yard gardens.

Exhibit A: Rosemary

LOCATION: You guessed it. I could tell you, but then I’d have to do something both of us would regret.


Exhibit B: Lavender

Yeah, another undisclosed location. So hate me. Better yet, find your own patches. Trust me… they are all over!


Oh yes. And words of wisdom: Wash Well.


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