Roughing it with Thai Peanut Curry

So the camping excursion was a blast. We set up camp at Rouston Park in Mount Hood. Sweet little spot right next to a swiftly running stream. Strike swift. After much deliberation and formulated thought, the conclusion was that waters were running anywhere between 5.5 and 6 mph. But that’s a whole other story.

To the point…


  • Thai Peanut Curry Beef Kabobs – grilled over open fire
  • Green Beans Sautéed with Thai Tom Yum Paste – cooked on Coleman camp stove
  • Foil Roasted Potatoes with onion, garlic, s&p, a dash of nutmeg, a whole lot of butter and freshly grated Parmesan – roasted over open fire

Yes, I know. The potatoes do NOT fit in with my Thai theme. But hey. What can I say? It’s camping. We’re supposed to be roughing it!

The key to this meal was the fire. We have grand master fire starter, Niko, to thank for crafting a dual-purpose fire. Half of the fire pit was dominated by red hot coals. Just perfect for roasting the potatoes. Niko constructed the other half of the fire with Boy Scout precision, so we had plenty of intense flame for perfectly caramelized kabobs.


Thanks for engineering the perfect fire Niko! (pictured right).

7 Responses to “Roughing it with Thai Peanut Curry”

  1. I can’t help but agree. I’ve known that Niko guy for quite some time and I can’t stop heaping praise upon him. He’s a man’s Man in everyway. I’m also not surprised he’s pictured next to a hottie. Heart breaker, fire maker.

  2. Donna Arriaga Says:

    Hoping to rope Grand Master Fire Maker (aka that Niko guy) into another soon-coming campfire meal…

    -Campfire Fajitas
    -Cuban Black Beans
    -Three-Chili Foil Roasted Potatoes (Yeah, new spin on the same ‘ol patatas asadas… But aren’t foil roasted potatoes some kind of requisite for campfire meals?)

  3. Campfire cuisine ala Donna is phenomenal! I’d say offering the chef a hefty paycheck for even 30 minutes of her time would prove to be worth all 1,000,000 pennies! Of course, I could never afford that so I’ve decided to just play it safe, not piss her off, and bring s’mores so as to stay on her good side.

    So Donna, this fajita/black ben/three-chili roasted potato dish…what kind of wine or tasty beverage treat would you recommend to go with? I bet I can contribute something more than s’mores!!! If only…

  4. Oh yeah…it was more than careful deliberation. A careful experiment was conducted using naturally formed flotation devices to drop in a precisely marked river location, timed with a scientifically reliable technological measuring instrument throughout a carefully plotted course, to inform our inquiry as to how fast the a person falling into said river would travel. Initially this was to discourage any ‘accidents’ from occurring while camping, but after much analysis and consideration of algebraic and statistical formulas (and a cell phone calculator), it was concluded that the rivers currant was approximately 5.5-6.0 miles per hour. This then became, not the deterrent, but the bright side if anyone falls in the river. The long-story behind the music…

  5. Donna Arriaga Says:

    Mmmm… tasty camping beverage to complement the campfire fajitas?
    Let’s see. The first three options to jump into my mind are…

    – Mighty, Mighty Mango Margaritas

    – Neat-o Mojitos

    – Hot Monkey Chili Vodka (for the bold, brave and daring… i.e. those who jumped into the river for the sake of a scientific experiment yielding the majestic result of 5.5 to 6 mph)

  6. Donna Arriaga Says:

    btw Ally,
    LOVE your description of our empirical quest for the TRUTH in the river. I’m telling you, we’ve gotta publish our results… we’ll just copy and paste your comment straight into our methods section.

    It would so totally work.

  7. Yeah, sounds more impressive than using a watch to time thrown logs into the river and guess starting and ending points!

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