Cheese Racing

Okay, so I know that I just blogged smack about cheese racing in my previous post, but…

this “sport” is so down right ludicrous, that a little part of me couldn’t help but delve in a little further. I mean really, the Cheese Racing site offers this warning…

WARNING!! Cheese racing can be dangerous – the makers of this website CAN NOT be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur. Practice safe cheese racing by following these simple guide lines.

  • Do NOT attempt ‘indoor cheese racing’. This is strictly an outdoor sport. (This includes tents!)

  • Be sure to ingest large quantities of alcohol and/or other chemical relaxant before (and during) play. This will relax the body and nervous system, thus minimising the pain of any injury and enabling you to play on.

Having said that, the sport does have an impressive safety record with zero fatalities so far…

And just a couple videos (and maybe a few cheese slices) to purge my system of it’s freakish interest in cheese racing…

a direct violation of Cheese Racing warning #1

Next, cheese racing the Out Doors way.
(Though I believe they may very well be in violation of Cheese Racing warning #2)


One Response to “Cheese Racing”

  1. Brian Harris Says:

    I’m concerned about the future of our country

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