How to kill a chocolate bunny

A great little instructional video on what to do with all those post-Easter bunnies just taking up space…

Did the music get you down? Cuz I’ve gotta admit…
I almost felt sorry for the little bunny — the weeping, melting eyes and all. But then, seconds later, I would remember yesterday’s trek through Freddies where the discount table was littered with a slew of broken, decapitated bunnies.

THEN, my only resounding thought was: Where’s my iron?!
Okay, my other thought was: I wish I had a garbage disposal.

Yeah, now I’m primed for this version – Death Metal Remix

My Vote? After careful consideration, my preference goes to the first video. The melodrama got me. All that high drama over a little chocolate bunny. Priceless.

2 Responses to “How to kill a chocolate bunny”

  1. little bro Says:

    I agree the melodrama was much better fit the sad little bunny slowly melting away. I wanted to show the kids but they may get very sad.

  2. Donna Arriaga Says:

    LOL! Way to go little bro! Glad to see you’re sparing the kids from sad, Easter Bunny flash-backs for years to come.

    Crazy isn’t it? The only thing going on in that video is chocolate + forced heat. The result of which is obvious to anyone who who’s figured out that the M&M’s commercials lie… They DO melt in your hand!!!
    But here, the music makes “splattered cocoa bunny head” = “sad, decapitated Easter bunny”

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