Quick Fix

My absolute favorite quick-fix meal moves from stove top to belly in under 7 minutes. And it doesn’t make my tummy feel like I just contracted a rampant case of gut-rot. Which reminds me — I was standing in line at the downtown PDX Safeway one afternoon, and this guy in front of me had just two items. A huge plate of Safeway lo mein from the deli and a bottle of Tums. Now that is indicative of impending gut rot!

Anyway, my quick fix is light and pretty good — Miso Soup with Potsticker Dumplings.

  • The miso is made from a packet (if I don’t have paste and dashi on hand)
  • frozen potstickers
  • wakame (if on hand) or collard greens (which, because of my dragon, are always on hand)
  • dash of chili oil

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