Oh, the cruel irony of it all.

Yes, I love to cook. But this love is intimately tied to sharing — to providing sustenance and pleasure to others. So, when I have my apartment all to myself, the solace is comforting but the kitchen is all too lonely.

At present, my significant other (aka SO) is traveling to Hong Kong and through Nepal. Yes, spring break. I on the other hand have much less vacation than he does.

Anyway, I found myself thumbing through my growing collection of this months food mags — Bon Appetit, Saveur, and Gourmet. I was salivating over a luscious photo of Doro Wot (a spicy Ethiopian chicken stew whose spice bouquet blooms with full-flavor richness) when I recognized the cruel irony…

There I sat, gathering ideas for a beautifully crafted feast, all the while dining on a sad, low-effort, menial so-called-meal of beef jerky and 3-pepper pita chips. No kidding.


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