Breakfast of Champions

Not everyone is a breakfast eater. A lot of people out there don’t want edibles to come anywhere near their GI tracts until well after 11am… or, at least not until after the first cup of coffee.

Others are tried and true breakfast eaters. Some like pancakes, eggs and bacon. Others go for the lighter side of breakfast — high-fiber, twig-like cereals or fruit or a quick PowerBar. Me, I’m the latter. But I’m a consistent latter. Without my breakfast, I’m just an irritable bitc… um, grouch.

Weekdays are all about consistency and routine, but when the weekend comes around I gladly embrace a bit of free-for-all, at-a-whim living. For Saturday morning breakfast, that means nothing short of grazing. And this morning’s walk through the cold-fridge pasture brought me to a delightful little (albeit untraditional) breakfast…

Breakfast of Champions

Homemade hummus and bread sticks followed up with a dessert of dark chocolate and a nip of port… because, yes, sometimes even breakfast deserves dessert.

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